Today has been a good day.

Do you know why?

Because I haven’t gotten any anonymous hate online.

You know how it’s always really nice to see an aks in your inbox! You see the little red number on top of your dashboard and you’re excited! What might it be? Maybe someone wants a commission? Maybe someone’s telling me they like my webcomic.? Well. When I see that little red number, I feel a empty feeling in my belly. I know that almost 80% sure it’s anonymous hate.

Do you know why I get that hate?

Because I talk about feminism.

Yeah, I talk about feminism. I haven’t been mean to anyone, I haven’t done anything horrible, I haven’t made art that’s insulting to anyone. I just talk about feminism and how everyone should be able to love themselves for who they are.

And yet some people think they are obliged to send me anonymous hate.

And that’s not okay. That’s totally not okay. Sending anonymous hate is never okay. It’s not just trolling, it’s bullying and it’s harrassing.

I have been silent about this for a long time. I just delete the hatemail I get, but I will not be silent anymore. I will not tolerate anonymous hate. I will speak up against it and I will ask you to speak up as well.

Son’t worry, I won’t start posting my anonymous hatemails on my blog. It’s an art blog and art is what I will post there. But I will also talk against bullying online. I will show it’s not acceptable.

Let’s not call anonymous hatemail trolling, because that’s not what it is. It’s harrasment and it’s bullying. Trolling makes it sound like it’s some fun game and it’s not. Online harrassing has made many people’s lives really miserable. I’m not miserable though, I’m just full of will to fight against this. I’m just full of motivation to talk about my feminism even more.

So trolls, if you want to silence me, don’t feed me.

Anonymous asked:

Kunnioita kirjallisuutta ja vanhoja kirjoja; Älä piirrä niihin, vaan lue niitä. Kirjat ovat lukemista varten.

Nämä kirjat on luettu läpi moneen kertaan monien eri ihmisten puolesta, niin monta kertaa että ne ovat menneet niin huonoon kuntoon etteivät sivut pysy kiinni toisissaan. Siinä vaiheessa kirjalle parasta on päätyä taiteeksi, ei kaatopaikan täytteeksi.