What are the problem areas in our body. We are made to believe having fat is a problem, having zits is a problem, having a broken nose or hairy legs is a problem, but why are they problems. Hairy legs don’t hurt me, fat belly doesn’t hurt me. They’re not a problem. What is problematic in my body is my super sensitive skin that gets broken easily and I can’t wear tight clother because of it… Now that’s a problem, it hurts. Also my hair grows really fast and I can’t see what I’m doing, that’s a bit problematic. Drawing has also made my wrist hurt, that’s a problem. But my fat belly doesn’t hurt me, it doesn’t make my working harder, it doesn’t affect the kind of clothing I wear, I can just pick the right size. My hairly legs don’t hurt me, they don’t prevent me from moving around. So why should they be a problem. Media tells us many ways to hide your problem areas by dressing up, shaving, loosing weight, putting on make-up and so on. Why hide something that’s not a problem? I’d gladly do something about my real problem areas, like my wrist. I exercise my wrist regularly and use a wrist support. That’s what should be in the media. How to deal with the real problem areas of your body, not the made up ones.

My fat is not a problem, my hairy legs are not a problem, my broken nose is not a problem. And the problems that I do have, well, I’ve learned to live with them. And I’ve learned not to believe the bullshit telling me my looks are a problem.

Get to know your body, things that hurt you, they are the problem, but things that just… are. They’re you, and they’re beautiful.

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